A company built on inspiration.

Luv God Transport, was founded in 2005. We began the company with one truck and one route. We have delivered from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA. We are proud of the fact that we deliver mostly regional routes, allowing our drivers to spend more time home with their families.

The company was started by President & CEO, Keith Hoskins. Keith was born with Cerebral Palsy and was told time-after-time in his life that he wouldn’t be able to accomplish tasks because of his condition. All “they” had to do was tell him that he couldn’t do something and the spark was lit.

Luv God Transport came out of many prayers, and with the support and encouragement of some wonderful people who simply told me they believed in me. Keith feels that God has blessed him with the power to overcome his physical limitations and find success in the transportation field.

We strive to make LG Transport stand out from the rest of the logistics companies. We feel that if we adhere to the following four practices every day, we will be successful:

Honesty: We don’t lie to recruit our drivers.  If we tell you that you will be getting a certain amount of miles per week, we want to stick to that.

Trust: Trust is not something that is given overnight, it takes time.  All we can do is follow through on what we say and build trust with our vendors, drivers and clients.

Reliability: We have brought our repair facilities in house so that we can keep our trucks up and running.  Downtime is not good for anyone.

Team oriented: Our team is proud of our service record. Joint efforts by all our team, by striving continuously, make things run smoother and more efficient as we continue to grow.